Drinker of the Wind

     There is much mythology regarding the origins of the Arabian horse, but my favorite story is the one in which the angel, Gabriel, descends from Heaven and appears to a sleeping Ishmael who is awakened by a wind spout whirling toward him.  Gabriel commands the spout to stop scattering dust and rain.  The rain then gathers and develops into a prancing, beautiful creature that seems to swallow up the ground.  The Bedouins bestowed the name, Drinker of the Wind to this first Arabian.

I dreamed about having my own Arabian since childhood (see my About Me page for more on that) and after many years, I have not one, but two to call my own.  They are full brother and sister, and they answer to the names, Honey and Flame.  I love all horses, but especially Arabians…with their delicate faces and exquisite ears…their curvy necks and large, expressive eyes…the way they hold their tails high when they run…

I have always loved reading everything I could get my hands on about all horses, not just Arabians, and I occasionally like to write about them too. So…I’ve created a blog to indulge in such pursuits.  This blog is a place to have fun and look at pictures of pretty horses mostly. I won’t be doing deep research here, so just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with me. 🙂

Pictures of my four-legged loves:

Flame aka Fyrecracker:

Shiny Flame

Honey aka Spirits Fyrestorm:


Frisco and Timmy (my rescues):





Gustavo on keyboard 2

Harley, Hermes and Kade:


Joey and Chandler:


Joey and Chandler all grown up:

8 thoughts on “Drinker of the Wind

  1. Beautiful animals! I think it’s wonderful that you’ve rescued horses. You seem like a joyful nurturer. The world needs more those! Thank you for visiting my blog, and for your interest in my book.


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